In this 2-day-course you will learn to create photo-realistic images with Octane Render.

This course is dedicated especially to Industrial Designers, Architects and Art Directors and shows fundamental principles for material setups, lighting and rendering. The software used for this training is the Octane Standalone application, but the workflow can be applied to any integrated package for Octane Render.

Octane Render is the first fully-GPU-accelerated-unbiased-renderer and is available for a broad range of applications including Rhino, C4D, Maya, Houdini and many more. It is crazy fast with a huge user group and provides a high image quality. Beside technical knowledge you will also learn about creative problem solving for the best visual results. You will receive tips and tricks for post-production and find out about the effective hardware needs to set up a powerful yet affordable workstation. 

To be announced.

Lichtblick Studio in Cologne / Germany

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Images rendered with Octane Render:

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